Εικόνες τραβηγμένες την πιο κατάλληλη στιγμή!

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Εχουμε δει εικονες και εικονες αλλα φωτογραφιες τραβηγμενες την καταλληλη στιγμη δεν βρισκεις καθε μερα..  Εδω μιλαμε για τραγικες συμπτωσεις!!!

That was quite a blow!

Welcome to the peeing competition.

Wanna measure it?

I told you not to drink too much.

Feeling hungry?

How can one even think of that?

Nice replacement.

Creating waves!

Who thought, that could be done.

Just pick him up.

Hold on!

Smiley in the sky!

Well, that was awkward.

Having fun?


You under my possession!

That''s quite indecent.

Just toss her around.

Well, I leave that to your imagination.

Balancing act!

It''s good, but it''s dirty.

Leggy lass!

Horny dude.

Had Indian Food last night?

Yes, this is the guy who did that.

Don''t pick his nose!

Whoa! man don''t go near.

Just do it!